Mole Hole Therapy # 1: Bi(B) Ey(A) En(N) Ey(A) En(N) Ey(A) Es(S)

Two modified vintage hand cranked 16mm projectors & slide projector | 15 min | 2011

Culled from old video footage hand transferred to 16mm film and performed live on two handcranked16mm projectors, Bi(B) Ey(A) En(N) Ey(A) En(N) Ey(A) Es(S) tells the tale of Izquierdojo, eldest son of the BocAno family, who, while on his deathbed, reminisces about his first trip abroad to Tudeylandia in the year of our lord 1991.

Leerstand at Kultur im Turm e.V.; Oberhausen, Germany 2012
Intricate Machines at Mica Moca Project; Berlin, Germany 2011
Diffraktion at Stattbad Wedding; Berlin, Germany 2011